Setting SMART Goals Academic Essay

Specific = action steps you will be taking. Break larger goals into smaller goals to create manageable milestones Goals need to clearly outline the nature of the issue/ performance/behaviour to be improved EXAMPLE: A general goal would be: Improve my stress management. But a Specific Goal Statement looks like: Reflect on situations that cause me stress, determine what some of my triggers are, sign-up for a weekly meditation class, after 4 weeks assess if my stress management has improved. NOTE: The more specific with your action steps the better. Break down the overall specific action you will be taking (ie. reflect on situations that cause me stress), into the steps that go into this (ie. purchase a journal for doing this, determine a time when you will reflect, will you seek out others input, etc). Measurable Establish concrete criteria for measuring progress toward the attainment of each goal How will you know if you are making progress towards your goal? Clear criteria for successful achievement of a goal should be established at the outset How will you know when the goal has been achieved? To determine if the goal is measurable, ask questions such as??How much? How many? How will I know when it is accomplished? NOTE: When determining your measures for success, consider both completion of task (ie. you went to meditation class each week) as well as achievement of overall objective (ie. how do you know that you have developed/managed your stress management)? Always keep your big picture objective in mind! Attainable Goals should be within your reach Consider whether goals are realistic both in terms of personal ability/motivation and availability of resources You must be both willing and able to work towards a goal Goals should be attainable but challenging enough to maintain motivation and realize tangible improvement NOTE: Think about some of the barriers you may face in achieving your goals and how you will overcome them. Relevant Goals need to be clearly linked to your personal development (ie. dont choose stress management if youre already strong in this area). The goal should be supported through your self-assessment and personal case. Steps taken within your goal should relate to your overall objective (ie. explain the link between meditation and stress reduction). Time-Bound Establish a realistic but challenging timeline for progress towards the goal. Consider including a time for a progress check Establish a specific time by which the final goal is to be realized Not establishing a specific timeline for progress provides an opening for avoidance and procrastination NOTE: Look back at the action steps you have outlined and attach a specific time to each of these. Ie. by what date are you going to sign-up for a meditation class? SMART Goal Planning Form PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT

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