shaping environmental thought and mobilizing awareness; Pilgrim at Tinker Creek” by Annie Dillard and “Walden and “Walden custom essay

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Using the books “Pilgrim at Tinker Creek” by Annie Dillard and “Walden and “Walden” by Thoreau Develop a claim about why these works are so effective (and be sure to identify what that effect is), and analyze the particular techniques your chosen writers use to appeal to our understanding and imagination. You are free to draw material from your journal entries, if you wish, although you will be expected to build on them here.

The essay must lay out a coherent, convincing, and evidence-based argument to support your claim. Please be very specific: rather than writing out vague impressions of a text or sharing generalized ideas only loosely related to a work, you should focus on concrete details in the account and explain how they produce particular effects on readers. For example, how does the writer engage the reader on an imaginative level through specific language, formal elements, imagery, perspective or style? How does the writer challenge existing assumptions or biases, or encourage readers to look at something from a different point of view? How do the aesthetic qualities of the text help elevate the commonplace? How does the writer incorporate her/his own experiences and encounters in nature to connect with readers, and what is the writer?s goal in including a given observation? What, ultimately makes the text effective? (Please do not answer these schematically: chose only what is relevant & useful, modify the questions to suit your needs, or add your own questions/problems).

In addition, please discuss any shortcomings in your chosen texts. To build a genuinely dynamic argument, be sure to include some comparative analysis between writers who use different techniques, produce different effects, or ultimately seem more or less compelling to you. What makes one piece more effective than the other?

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