Shot Story Analysis Book Report Essay

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You need to read the short fiction, book title is 40 Short Stories 3rd edition “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker. and please follow instruction below. I also need draft of the eassy which is before you make any corretion. Can you please do that? Can you also send me throught my e-mail as soon as its done? PAPER # 1: SHORT FICTION Paper will be 3 pages typed, double-spaced. Instructions: Choose one of the short stories from your anthology that we have discussed in class. Ask yourself these two questions: What do I think the author wanted his/her readers to take away from this story (theme)? Then: How did the author bring me to this conclusion (elements of fiction)? Both of these questions will combine to form your thesis.
1. Introduction: The focus of this paper is Theme and how one or more elements of fiction contribute to the theme. You will organize the paper the way that we discussed in class, with your thesis the end of the first paragraph.
2. Body: Your thesis will create the focus of your paper. You will have chosen one, or possibly two, elements from the story (point of view, setting, symbol) and discuss in detail its relationship to the theme. For example, you might talk about the importance of the setting to the story’s theme (this includes time period), or you might focus on a symbol such as another of the characters in the story. Choose something interesting to you and delve deeply into that one thing. Remember: This is not a “book report.” You are not retelling the story, but you are bringing your own insights into the story and its meaning TO YOU. You must, of course, refer to parts of the plot, but then you must tell me why those parts are important to what you are trying to say. There are no right or wrong answers about theme. There are, though, defensible and indefensible answers. Your job as a writer is to defend what you think is the meaning of the story and how one or two of the story’s elements contributes to your understanding of the story.

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