Should laptop computers be considered as musical instruments? Custom Essay

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The paper has 3 sections: 1. Title of research project: Should laptop computers be considered as musical instruments? 2. Abstract (100 words) This needs to be succinct. What is the research project about and what are its aims? Why is it significant to do? What is its main argument? What methods will you use or how will you argue your case? And, what (in relation to your argument) do you think will be your main findings? In other words, what is your hypothesis? 3. Literature Review of 10 sources (2000 words) You need to write a review of each source you retrieve, discussing the strengths and weaknesses of the source and its relevance to your topic. Each source should be reviewed in 200 words. No Wikipedia. Please include these 3 sources: Godlovitch, S. (1998). Musical performance: a philosophical study. London ; New York: Routledge. Richardson, I., & Harper, C. (2001). Corporeal Virtuality: The Impossibility of a Fleshless Ontology. Body, Space and Technology Journal, 2(2). Paine, G. (2008). Gesture and Morphology in Laptop Music Performance. In R. T. Dean (Ed.), The Oxford Handbook of Computer Music and Digital Sound Culture. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

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