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Sight Site Cite – Assignment Two – Report Presentation (25%)

In this assignment you are asked to organise the Presentation of a Report based on the research and findings made during Assignment One.

You are each asked to contribute a 3 minute presentation as part of a wider group presentation. In this you will report on at least 3 key ideas or strategies, based on theories encountered during research, which will improve a specific or imaginary location. You are also required to as part of this offer a 500 word Summary Report which re-iterates the ideas behind the Presentation.

The form of your report is:

Why the ideas XY and Z might impact positively within interior or precinctual sites and wider planning with specific reference to your chosen actual or imaginary site.

XY&Z might come from one theorist such as Pevsner or your might combine ideas from a range of theorist such as Bachelard, Scanlan and Pevsner.

The Presentation Date and Hand-in for the accompanying 500 word written report and copy of your power-point presentation

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