Smallbiztrends: [] As before, try it out. Get as good a feel as you can for its strengths, weaknesses, etc. When you believe you have a reasonably good basis for evaluation of the program, you should write up in 4 pages your general assessment, attending to the following issues: (Use Topics as Heading for paragraphs) – summary description of the program, its structure, and purpose – its overall “look and feel” and apparent target audience – what the program does and does not give you – your assessment of such things as: – its usability – its relative advantage – potential applicability to your work needs – utility and relevance to this course – any other things about the program that you find salient and worth noting to others – your comparison of this program with the previous programs from Modules 1 (Basecamp program called [].), Module 2 (ACE PROJECT: []) and Module 3 (Iteamwork: []) – your bottom-line evaluation of its value to you – what you now think of project management software overall as a result of four experiences The last point is very important. Be honest and direct; your assessment is helpful to you and to others. If you don’t find it helpful, say so and why, and try to explain what you would find more useful in its place. But also do try to remember also that your education isn’t yet finished, that things you don’t understand now and don’t yet see the value of may turn out later on to be relevant and useful, and that the site’s creators may know more about the topic, the practice of program management, and the profession than you do yet. * Note: See attachment with complete assignment instructions.

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