Social Constructionism; Define Social Construction. Explain how the theory can be applied to any field of education. custom essay

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In your essay, construct a definition of the theory of social construction as it applies education. Discuss how it may apply to any field or practice within the discipline of education. Be sure to use relevant examples to illustrate your answer. Historical context and theoretic critique will add depth to your answers.
Outline of the essay structure and content
Main argument
Key theories books, authors, studies
Definition of key terms and concepts (social constructionism, social constructivism)
Main Body
Linking the idea of social constructionism to the idea of education
Historical context (Enlightenment, Modern Era, Postmodernism)
Mercantilism, Industrial Revolution, Capitalism, Economy
Urbanisation, Globalisation
The Master Narrative, Transcendental Norms
Race, Gender, Class
Idea of Progress
Practical example(s) ? child development, learning theories, the social constructivist classroom, critical thinking, group work/ project-based learning
Recommended is to choose a specific example (e.g. Black History Month in Primary Schools) with and through which the theoretical ideas of social constructionism/ social constructivism can be critically analysed and discussed.
Please remember that you do not need to cover all topics discussed in the module. You need to choose the ones that are relevant for your argument/ example.
Also, the essay cannot be exclusively about social constructivists such as Lev Vygotsky and Jean Piaget.
Conclusion – Discussion and summary

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