Sociology Essay; African Societies through film custom essay

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Prompt: Both the documentary film Lost Boys of Sudan and Dave Egger’s What is the What deal with the assimilation of the Lost Boys into American society. Compare and contrast these literary (words) and documentary (filmic) accounts of the assimilation experience. In doing so, please keep the following questions in mind while framing your essay:
How do the two accounts work together to reveal a more complex the sociological perspective of the experience of the Lost Boys in America? How do both accounts complicate the notion of the “American Dream” for newly arrived refugees? How do the film and/or the book deal with issues of trauma and the process of remembering events and telling one’s story? How does Egger’s novel complicate notions of objectivity and truthfulness?

1. Film: Lost Boys of Sudan, dirs. Megan Mylan and Jon Shenk, U.S., 87 min., 2003
2. Book: Dave Eggers, What is the What, Vintage

Student directions: This is an essay, remember to include a clear thesis. Compare and contrast scenes from the book to scenes from the film. Essays will be submitted to, therefore, all material must be original. Any other questions, feel free to message me.

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