software application skills project

?develop a business,?highlight attending HCC,?your favorite sports team,?your favorite sport,?dream car,?moving out on your own,?researching your planned career,?planning a vacation,?planning awedding,?highlight your native country or culture,?your passion in life, etc.Project Minimum RequirementsThe minimum requirements for each of the four applications are detailed in thechecklists below.1.Each application component is valued at65pts.2.There are 40 points allocated for student creativity.a.Students who meet only the minimum requirements for eachsoftware application may not receive the 40 points for creativity.The project is an opportunity for the student to demonstratecreativity in applying the software skills acquired during the term.Creativity is measured in various ways, including:?applying additional skills covered in the course but not listed asa minimum requirement,?adding additional graphics or pictures,?applying varying color schemes,?creative formatting of the Excel chart,?using various design backgrounds with presentation slides,?creating your own slide background instead of using a designtemplate,?adding a border to the Microsoft Word documentcomponent,?graphically editing pictures and other graphics,?adding external sounds or movie clip in the PowerPointcomponent etc.3.This project must be an original creation, not a copy ?n paste fromthis semester?s assignments. All rules concerningAcademicDishonesty and Plagiarism will be strictly enforced.4. The project must be based on your original work, you may NOT useany templates for the applications.Microsoft Access2013(65 points)___1. Create a database and name the file using yourlast name___finalproject___2. Create a table___3. Create a minimum of 6 fields___4. Create a minimum of 5 records___5. Assign a primary key___6. Create a form___7. Create a query containing 4 fields?your choice of fields___8. Create a reportMicrosoft Excel2013Final Project Planning GuideName:____________________Topic:__________________________________________Fill in the information below if you feel you need to explain your topic selection.Word: create no less than 4 bullets identifying major points you want to cover in the document narrative1. ___________________________________________________________2. ___________________________________________________________3. ___________________________________________________________4. ___________________________________________________________Excel: in the following table??identify the title, column headings, row headingsTitleAccess: in the following table??identify the six field names for the databasePowerPoint: In the following blocks, identify the heading and two bullets for each of the minimum 10 required slides??.

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