Space mission to Pluto Academic Essay

Topic: The New Horizons mission is exploring the outer Solar System. Describe the objectivesof the mission and important scientific instruments on the space probe. Discuss what wehave learnt about Pluto after the closest approach to this dwarf planet. Explain how thismission helps us to understand the processes of formation and evolution of the planetarysystem.instructions: Essays should be between 1500 and 2000 words. The word limit should include the text, figure captions,footnotes, but not the reference list (we are happy to see lots of references).You are welcome to include section headings and pictures. However try to ensure that they help to illustrate the argumentpresented in the essay and are not mere adornment. Your essay should be written for a well informed but nonspecialistaudience. The style (not the format) used in popular science magazines such as Scientific American or New Scientist wouldbe a suitable guide. Remember, you are not writing for experts, so if you use technical jargon you will need to explain it.Refrain from using formulae, but insteadexplain concepts in your own words.Essays are expected to show evidence of researching the topic beyond the material presented in the course lessons andtextbook. The sources you use (websites, journal articles, books) should be referenced. You should consistently use one ofthe standard reference styles. One style is to number references sequentially in the text and include anumbered list of references at the end of the essay. An alternative is to mark references inthe text using author and date e.g (Sagan, 1987) or Drake et al. (1965) and list referencesat the end of the essay in alphabetical order.If you use text from another source make it clear that it is a quote by placing it in quotationmarks and giving the reference to the source. However, you should not make excessiveuse of quotes. The essay should be in your words and present your views on the subject,not just an account of what other have said. Using text from other sources withoutattribution is plagiarism and is not acceptable. PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT

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