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Plan a oral presentation with visual aid. Presentation (suggested length of 5?7 minutes) from a research topic.


For this task you will plan a presentation from the information in a research paper you’ve previously written, or if you do not have a research paper from another course, you can research a topic using three to five sources as the basis for your researched presentation.

In this task you will prepare the following items:

1. A presentation outline (This outline will include an effective introduction that states your thesis and previews your main points, a body that covers your main points and supporting evidence, and a conclusion that summarizes your points and ends with an effective closing strategy.)

Note: Your thesis must be research based. It can be either informative or argumentative. Present on a topic that will not be too familiar to a general audience. A ?how to? presentation is not appropriate.

2. An original visual aid (Research within the visual aid should contain a proper in-text citation [e.g., data you collected to create a graph].)

3. A visual-aid script (This script covers only the visual aid portion of your presentation.)

4. A visual aid description (This provides analysis and description of the visual aid.)

5. Three audience questions and answers

6. An APA reference page

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