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In the previous unit, you submitted the topic for your course project. The next step is to consider and describe ways to administer a survey that will gather data related to your course project. For this discussion, answer the following questions: What type of sampling methods would you use? In developing your survey, you will create six questions. What are some of the specific questions that your survey should contain? What difficulties do you anticipate in designing a study around the topics offered? Use the “Eight Guidelines for Critically Evaluating a Statistical Study” presented on page 34 of Chapter 1 in your text to predict issues that might arise. This information will also be discussed in Unit 3, where you are given some specific guidelines for these questions. Eight Guidelines for Critically Evaluating a Statistical Study 1. Identify the goal of the study, the population considered, and the type of study. 2. Consider the source, particularly with regard to whether the researchers may be biased. 3. Examine the sampling method to decide whether it is likely to produce a representative sample. 4. Look for problems in defining or measuring the variables of interest, which can make it difficult to interpret any reported results. 5. Watch out for confounding variables that can invalidate the conclusions of a study. 6. Consider the setting and wording in surveys or polls, looking for anything that might tend to produce inaccurate or dishonest responses. 7. Check that results are fairly represented in graphics and concluding statements, because both researchers and media often create misleading graphics or jump to conclusions that the results do not support. 8. Stand back and consider the conclusions. Did the study achieve its goals? Do the conclusions make sense? Do the results have any practical significance?

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