Still’s Insistence on Scientific Work and the Lack of Written Documentation by Osteopaths nowadays Custom Essay

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Standards of medical documentation General and particular requirements of medical paediatric osteopathic documentation

German law

Email survey by sending a standardized questionaire to paediatric osteopathic practices in the US, Great Britain, Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand and Germany.

Evaluation and interpretation of the data

I need a thesis proposal: The interdisciplinary communication failure between consultant paediatric osteopaths and medical specialists by neglecting the medical documentation standards in paediatric osteopathic practices.

Implementation of a Standard Search Protocol

1st page title
2nd to 4th page background
5th page (1/2 page) research questions
6th page theoretical framework (1 page)
7th and 8th page research methodology
If more pages are needed please inform although if pay condition have to be changed

Problem Statement
Establish clear purpose of study
Review important literature
Depicting how results of literature research are related to the study
Indicate how this study might contribute
Research problem and hypothesis
Statement of research problem is required in both quantitative and qualitative studies.
Due care should be taken whether the research problem can be solved or not in the timeframe
Exploratory studies do not require hypothesis. Formal hypothesis are especially required for quantitative research methodology.
Research Methodology
Listing of tools and techniques to collect and analyse data.
Respondents involved.
Data gathering instruments.
Statistical design
Validity and reliability.
Assumptions and Limitations
Indication of limitations and possible assumption which might be taken during the course of research.

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