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I would like to help to write about this speech.

In order to respond to this question, you will need to listen to Garrison Keillor’s Moth Award acceptance speech (8 minutes), titled “Swimming Lessons.”

This is the link to that speech “The Moth Presents Garrison Keillor: Lessons in Swimming”

Garrison Keillor speaks about the role stories play in our lives. He says that the purpose of stories is “to gain intimacy with people you will never know.”

At this point, you have read the following stories:

“Always Running.” by Luis Rodriguez
“An American Childhood,” by Annie Dillard
“Salvation,” by Langston Hughes
“Shooting Dad,” by Sarah Vowell
“Fourth of July,” by Audre Lourde
“Longing to Belong,” by Sarai Shah
“Swimming Lessons,” by Garrison Keillor (the story he tells in his acceptance speech)

Choose the narrative that for you best exemplifies Garrison’s Keillor’s assertion that stories allow you to experience intimacy with a person you will never know.

Your topic sentence will state which narrative was most effective in creating that sense of intimacy for you and why. You should develop your paragraph by giving reasons why you feel the narrative of your choice was the most effective in creating that feeling of intimacy. A complete paragraph will likely be 11-13 sentences in length.

*Answer these question:

Who the heck is Garrison Keillor?
What is raconteuring?

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