Strategic Management Plan Team Assignment

This is a 2 part Strategic Management Assignment related to each other.Each part must have a separate cover and reference page. PART ONE (3 PAGES, 6 REFERENCES)-CREATE A SEPARATE COVER AND REFERENCE PAGE Revise an MVVO (Mission Vision Value Objectives) and strategic plan for an organization that was not the focus of any team member’s individual assignments in this course ( WE HAVE CHOSEN AN ORGANIZATION CALLED “THE WOUNDED WARRIOR). This could be a public sector agency (Federal, state, local), small business, church, school, or other non-profit with which a team member has a relationship. Submit a maximum three-page proposal to your faculty indicating your choice, explaining your decision criteria and rationale, describing factors that may serve to limit the scope of the project, explaining risk mitigation plans for the project, and listing a preliminary set of key project tasks that will need to be completed. Identify key performance metrics that will be used to monitor accomplishments. Note that this is an academic rather than consulting project and the team’s “client is the professor, not the organization. This means nothing produced for this project may be shared beyond the class without the professor’s approval and no promises should be made that the results will be in a form that is usable. PART TWO (3 PAGES, 6 REFERENCES)- CREATE A SEPARATE COVER AND REFERENCE PAGE Revise THE MVVO (Mission Vision Value Objectives) and strategic plan for THE WOUNDED WARRIOR. This is the same organization used for PART ONE. Submit a modified strategic plan and associated components. Include in your revised plan the following items: – Mission Statement – Objectives – SWOT Analysis Strategic Choice (refer to chapters 4 ? 11 OF THE Strategic Management and Competitive Advantage, Student Value Edition (5th Edition) Loose Leaf TEXT BOOK) and rationale for choice including competitive advantage provided – Implementation Plan for Strategy recommended

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