Strategies used for Public Relation Essay

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This is a dissertation based on my topic title. I need the writer to look at PR and look at the strategies it uses like if there is a trend over the years and how it has been used especially by these high street brands. the whole point is to say that for example with HM it has used lots of celebrities and look at the PR strategies it has used then look at their financial report and see if there financial profit has increased due to the PR stunts used. then look at french connection who has not used alot of PR stunts and link that to the financials and see if the profit is low. i would like to use HM as the company that proves PR can increase profitability and awareness, but you can change the second company to a company that hasnt used alot of PR and their profits have decreased. I would like to also use a questionnaire i have one that is quite rough but you can feed of that and that could also be a second kind of method of answering this question. I would need you to transcribe the results and put into a graph or something like that. I have a list of books that could also be helpful for this project. After you finish this project I would need an outline of this work so i would be able to explain to my supervisor. I will send an outline in more detail to be helpful but i hope this helps so far and you understand what i would like you to do.

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