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) Students will know major concepts of sociology. 2) Students will demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between society and the individual. Course Measurable Objectives: 2. Identify the socialization process and its effect on personality development. 3. Apply the principles of sociological analysis to everyday situations. 4. Analyze cultural processes and their impact on behavior. Format: 600 words minimum, essay style paper, 12 pt. font, and double spaced. Use at least three (3) quotations from the text, correctly cited. Title your paper appropriately. Include Name, date and course. Instructions: Reflect on and analyze your decision to attend college from a Functionalist, Conflict and Interactionist perspective. Use at least one (1) concept from each theory, define the concept and analyze your decision using this concept. Use your text book and the power point slides as an additional resource. Consider the following questions to help in the development of your paper: Functionalist Perspective: To what extent was your decision to go to college driven by a desire to fit in and contribute to society? Conflict Perspective: How might access to resources have shaped your decisions about going to college? Interactionist Perspective: What specific individuals, significant others, and agents of socialization (family, peers, school, media, work, religion, or government) have influenced your decision and how did they do so? The details of your example should be brief in order to spend more effort on the analysis. Begin your analysis of each theory in relation to your educational decisions. Continue your analysis by discussing how a specific concept from each theory applies to your experience and helps to explain your decisions, sociologically. Make sure that you BOLD the concept within the essay and use proper citation. Quotes: Use at least three (3) quotes from the text book, correctly cited, so that I know that you have read. Example: Education is a social institution and a major factor in socialization because schools teach children the values and customs of the larger society (pg 82). Concepts: Use at least three (3) sociological concepts from the text to support your argument for why these segments of society look the way they do. Bold these concepts in your paper so I know that you are aware of the concept, and the proper use and analysis. Do NOT bold an entire sentence or thought. Only bold a concept if it is sociological and we have discussed it in class or it is found in your textbook. Example: Lower income communities that also experience gang cultures may see higher rates of crime as a result of cultural transmission (pg 144) of criminal behavior. If there are high numbers of single parent homes, or low income homes in which both parents must work full time, children may be more susceptible to participating in gang culture and criminal behavior because the functional roles of the family, a major social institution (pg 113), are being strained. Late submissions will result in 5 point deduction for each day past the due date. SOC 1 J MOSS Rubric: Components (points possible) Unacceptab PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT

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