Studies in Genre or Period: Irish Cinema & Culture Custom Essay

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Assignment 3 Third Assignment (40%) Due Date: by midnight on the date indicated in the Calendar (August 6th, 2010) For this final assignment, you should write an essay of at least 3,000 words, focusing on the films you have viewed in the second half of the course on the Northern Ireland “Troubles.” You may choose from the Alternative/Contrasting Film lists as well. You may contact your tutor via email to help narrow your topic. Choose two of these films and research and obtain at least two substantial reviews of each film. Use these reviews as a starting point in your discussion of the Northern Ireland crisis and visual representation. In your essay, try to address the limits (both thematic and formal) of representation of a political situation in narrative films. Ensure that you provide bibliographical references or internet addresses for the reviews you consulted. I have other files that need to be uploaded or e-mailed to whomever decides to complete this order for me. Thank you

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