Supplier Evaluation and Selection Case Academic Essay

Supplier Evaluation and Selection Case Supplier Financial Analysis (15% of Grade) (a) On the Supplier Financial Analysis spreadsheet, calculate the basic ratios of each company. Submit printed spreadsheet. (b) For each ratio, highlight which company is strongest, which one is weakest and the implication for each. Submit 1 single spaced page. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) (20% of Grade) On the Bid Summary and TCO Worksheet, calculate the total cost of ownership across the four companies. You will need to think through some of the calculations, such as quality and inventory. Submit printed spreadsheet. Supplier Evaluation (20% of Grade) (a) Based on the site visits, the Financial Analysis, the TCO Analysis, and the Supplier Evaluation Matrix, provide 4 strengths (left column) and 4 weaknesses (right column) of each supplier (bullet points are fine). Fill out the first tab on the supplier evaluation matrix. Submit printed spreadsheet. (b) Fill out tabs 2-5 of the Supplier Evaluation Matrix for the four suppliers and rank them against each other. Be very careful to give relevant and measurable (to the greatest extent possible) evaluation categories and subcategories. A good (measurable) subcategory for quality would be number of defects; a bad subcategory would be supplier seems to have quality as a priority (too vague and non-measurable). It is okay to overlap with some of the total cost of ownership evaluation information/categories (i.e. number of defects). You should have 4-5 major categories with 2 to 3 sub-categories per category. In terms of scoring, use a 5 point scale and remember you are rating each of the suppliers relative to each other (i.e., if the best supplier gets a 5, the next best supplier should probably get a 4 or lower unless they exactly tie the best supplier on this subcategory). Submit printed spreadsheets. Sourcing Risk Management Plan (10% of Grade) Provide a Sourcing Risk Management Plan for the supplier you are recommending (note: only provide a plan for your recommended supplier). Provide clear and actionable plans on your recommendations in this area. For example, if the length of the supply chain is an issue, a good plan is to hold additional safety stock inventory or improve forecasting through schedule sharing. (Note: use concrete example on how to solve). A bad plan is to be concerned and watchful about the length of the supply chain. Submit printed matrix addressing each area listed. Executive Summary Front Page of the Report (35% of Grade) Provide a single spaced, one page recommendation on the supplier you would select, and why, by tying together the analysis you have completed and a strong managerial perspective on the actual business situation. Make a convincing case, backed up by fact and logic (note: you will need to do this frequently in the real world). Also identify the suppliers major risks and how your team will work with the supplier to mitigate those risks. Make a clear recommendation with 3 to 4 supporting points (strong with supportable facts). Submit printed word document. PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT

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