Supply Chain Relationship Custom Essay

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Assessment 3: Individual Assignment “Supply Chain Relationships” (45% of module grade)
SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Week 12 – Tuesday 10th January 2012

– Over recent years the focus of Customer/Supplier relationships has shifted from being transactional and in some cases adversarial or even hostile, to one of increasing co-operation.
The realisation of common goals and objectives and the mutual interdependence of buyers and sellers has helped foster this trend. However, many of these relationships have proved
problematic over the years and failed to deliver the anticipated benefits.

I would like you to consider the above statement about, ‘Supply Chain Relationships, and submit an essay exploring the weaknesses and disadvantages of closer working relationships within an international context and the longer-term implications of more competitive relationships for the strategic and operational role of the supplies function. Please use examples to illustrate your arguments citing at least EIGHT recent texts or journals.

Your essay should be concise and focused and approximately 2500 words in length (+/- 10%).
– It should present a balanced view of both sides of the argument.
– The highest levels of professionalism are expected and poor presentation, spelling, grammar and proof-reading will be penalised.
– The “Harvard” system of referencing should be used in your work.
– Your work must be word-processed and saved as a .doc file (other formats may not be accepted). “Your file should be named in the following format: Your Name – ID Number” Assignment 3

Successful students will need to demonstrate:
– The ability to follow the assignment brief set out above and thus produce a relevant essay.
– A good understanding of the subject matter.
– An analytical approach in considering the essay topic presenting a logical and coherent discussion of the issues – not simply describing the various types of relationship or the approaches and techniques for developing and managing these relationships, but a real and academic consideration of the opportunities and challenges facing organisations.
– A high standard of written English (with few errors in grammar and spelling).
– Engagement with a large number of academic sources.
– Correct use of of the Harvard Referencing System to identify sources clearly.

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