Sustainability in theory and practice Academic Essay

Assignment Task Scenario for Question 1. Seven steps are required for managing an enterprise according to standard business practice. Sustainable development principles follow the same pattern with a shift of emphasis. These steps are listed below as part of the task. You are the CEO of a 200 bedroom hotel complex. You have decided to follow sustainable business practices with a view to improving revenue. To do this you must be seen to be implementing sustainable practices. Your other board members include two owners with equal majority shareholdings, an accountant, an employee representative and a representative of local businesses plus two further shareholders. The clientele are predominately tourists with occasional business conferences and events providing additional income. Your year round room bookings average 60 % with the two key holiday months always fully booked. Local customers provide additional support for your restaurant and other facilities. You have a restaurant, conference rooms, a sports facility including pool and gym and extensive grounds. The hotel also provides local tourist sightseeing trips. Since this is a major departure from normal operating procedures you have been requested to carry out the following tasks; 1. Perform a stakeholder analysis2. Formulate a sustainable development policy3. Design and execute an implementation plan4. Develop a supportive corporate culture5. Develop measures and standards of performance6. Prepare relevant reports7. Enhance internal monitoring processes Question 1 You may imagine the hotel to be in any location familiar to you. You must write a report detailing how you would carry out the above seven tasks. For example:For item 1 you should state the stakeholders and their perspectives on the hotel.For item 2, you should formulate the policy.You are NOT required to design reports but you should state the nature of reports which would be considered necessary to continue to have the support of all stakeholders. You should reference examples from the literature in support of your approach. (70%) Scenario for Question 2Payments for Environmental Services (PES) schemes involve payments to the managers of land or other natural resources in exchange for the provision of specified ecosystem services. Payments are made by the beneficiaries of the services in question, for example, individuals, communities, businesses or governments. PES systems present a series of advantages, limitations, challenges and opportunities which make them a promising mechanism to improve ecological services.Read the article; Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES) available at ; 13932-pes-bestpractice-20130522.pdf Then answer the following question. Question 2. You are required to write an essay which discusses the advantages, limitations, challenges and opportunities of a PES scheme. You should provide examples and references to existing schemes in support of your discussion. In your conclusion you should state with justification whether or not you believe them to be worthwhile. (30%)

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