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I need an appropriate topic title for this dissertation proposal

You would be expected to:

1. Choose two industries and 2/3 companies in each industry within the UK and review developments within the industry and the companies over the last five years. (Three companies are recommended) Use financial performance against industry averages etc. Choosing three companies enables you to better analyse company performance.

2. For each company undertake a detailed financial analysis Review the strengths and limitations of each company. Your analysis should review financial resources and financial performance of these companies. Note that inclusion of performance alone is insufficient, as there is a need to review sources and adequacy of finance-more importantly the constraints on sources of finance

3. Undertake a more detailed analysis of each industry using a PEST and perhaps a porter?s five forces model. Comment in detail on the key environmental factors affecting each Industry.

4. In your analysis you should incorporate an analysis of the market in which the companies operate. You could use industry life cycle models

5. Compare and contrast the overall general performance of the companies/ industry from a competitive perspective. You should review the industry performance in relation to the environmental forces that are affecting it. You should review each company performance in relation to the Industry

6. From this information you are expected to review the opportunities and threats that face the company/industry and the financial strategy that each firm will need to adopt to meet any challenges.

There are limitations
a. it must be based on UK companies (unless alternatives have been agreed)
b. it must include a PEST analysis of the industry
c. it must review financial performance of the Industry and at least two companies within the industry

An indicative structure could be:

1. Rational for the choice of Industry and companies within the industry (10%)
2. Review of each company financial performance against the industry benchmark and analysis from a financial perspective the best performing company in each industry (20%)
3. An environmental scan with summary key environmental factors (20%)
4. A SWOT analysis of each Industry and company with a summary of company performance in relation to industry performance based on current environment opportunities and threats. (25%)
5. A summary of firm and industry strengths and weaknesses in relation to future opportunities and threats (20%)
6. A critical reflection on learning (5%)

Note a good quality project will analyse the reasons for the success or failings in the industry and the chosen companies in the industry. A comparison between industries would also be useful.

You are required to prepare a proposal that should include the following headings:

Rationale (i.e. why you want to study this topic)
Aims (i.e. your objectives for the investigation)
The company/industry selected

The ratios to be used and why. Include at least 5 years calculations for each company. You should indication good/poor performance
A detailed and comprehensive PEST analysis. For the industry project this must include a PEST on each industry
Appendices should be used very sparingly. They contain material that is not essential to the text – technical notes on methodology, long and/ or complex tables, copies of questionnaires, etc. Be selective! You should NOT attempt to include everything you?ve used in your research in the appendices – or in the text!.


MUST be typed, in double spacing, on one side of the page on A4 sized paper, font size 11. The inner margin should be not less than 4cms wide and the outer margin not less than 1.5cms wide. The dissertation proposal should not be formally bound, ring binding is acceptable. The dissertation should also be protected by a hard cover. There should be a title page, a detailed table of contents and list of appendices (if any). Appendices (if any) should follow immediately after the main text, and be followed by a bibliography of works referred to and/or consulted. All pages should be numbered.

. Footnotes

Footnotes should be typed in single spacing and should be placed at the bottom of the page rather than collected together at the end of each chapter. They should be used sparingly and only in order:

To cite an authority or source, to make a cross-reference to another part of the dissertation or to make an acknowledgement, or

To comment on, expand or qualify an idea, which if done within the text would disturb the flow or balance of the narrative.

. Appendices

Appendices (like footnotes) contain material, which is not essential to the text. Appendices are often the appropriate places for technical notes on method, for very long tables and for case studies. Please note that evidence of primary research must be submitted

. References and the bibliography

References to books and articles should be given in the full form in the bibliography and the first time the work is referred to in the text. Subsequent references to the work can be in the abbreviated form.

Tables and Diagrams

All tables and diagrams should have a number and a title. The source of the information should be given below the table or diagram following any footnotes. Diagrams should be neat, clearly labelled and drawn in ink, preferably Indian Ink.

Diagrams and tables should be placed as close as possible to the text discussing that diagram or table.
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