Synopsis Stating Whether an Investor Should or Shouldn’t Add This Stock to His Portfolio

*This task is not for the light for weak hearted*As a portfolio manager, I am consistently looking for new and excitingideas for investors. I am looking for companies that few investors knowabout that have amazing upside potential. I am also looking at establishedcompanies that have outstanding growth prospects or pay good dividends.You have just been hired as an investment analyst and need to get up tospeed on two companies I am considering for a client?s portfolio. Here iswhat I need from you.# of Pages: 2-3 pagesSpecifics: You are assigned two stocks. For each stock, Ineed you to write a headline that will grab my attention. Then write a2-3-paragraph synopsis on whether an investor should or shouldn?t add yourcovered stock to their portfolio. Make sure you do your research! If youdo an outstanding job, I may use your work at I willgive you credit on the site for your work. Please let me know if you donot wish to have your research published, otherwise it may appear on thesite.The two stocks are: Portfolio Recovery Associates Inc. (PRAA) & CaesarStone Sdot-Yam Ltd. (CSTE)Please use websites like yahoo finance to do your research. Good luck mes Amis! CLICK HERE TO GET MORE ON THIS PAPER !!!CLICK HERE TO ORDER THIS PAPER AT AN AFFORDABLE PRICE

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