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Writer must select the topic and message me, also by the Oct 8th I need a draft
1.Synthesis Paper (15%) This assignment is a summarizing and synthesizing paper. A synthesis is a written discussion that draws on two or more sources. In writing a synthesis, you infer relationships between sources, both written (essays, articles, fiction) and non-written (lecture, interviews, observations). The topic for this project is based on readings from the textbook and other sources. You will write your argument, using your research from the readings to support what you say. You demonstrate skill in analysis and synthesis by critically analyzing a selected a theme or issue and then presenting the results of this investigation in a final synthesizing paper. In this explanatory synthesis, you make explicit the relationships that you have inferred among separate sources. Your synthesis will consist of three parts:
•A summary of the source
•A judgment or evaluation of the source
• A determination of the relationship between your sources
In writing a synthesis, you will need to choose your sources carefully, drawing relationships based on the purpose of your essay.
Good Thesis
Great Topic
Proper Quotation/Footnote
**** Need Rough Draft******
Its for a English 102 Class at Community college. I need a good grade pleas.
Good Citing MLA.Omission of word elipse if at all possible and citing within text.
*** Good Sourses****
We read Lawrence and Bok Firsr Amendment articles on opposing thoughts of racist speech if that helps.

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