Systematic Thinking Academic Essay

Use one of the systems methodologies to address a complex problematic situation in an organization of your company (Qatar Foundation) throughSystematic Thinking.Your answer must include:a)A summary description of the organizational context and of the problem situation;In this part, we have to write a brief description about the organization (Qatar Foundation). Then we have to select a complex problem that is already in the organization. This should be an introduction to the paper which should be Max of one page. b)Justification for your choice of systems methodology based on the use of metaphor and the System of Systems Methodologies (SoSM). In this question we have to use theories and demonstrate by using Metaphor and SoSM (In the other file attached there is a diagram shows SoSM) So, we have to write that the selected problem is belong to Brain Metaphor and belong to organization system because there is control unit issue and learning to learn issue.By using System of Systems Methodologies will lead us to select Viable System Model (In the other file attached you will find example of Viable System Model) in the next question because the selected complex problem is related to Brain Metaphor. c)A clear description of the use in practice of one systems methodology taught in this module;In this question, we have to implement the complex problem by using Viable System Model. Also, we have to put a diagram of the Viable System Model (VSM) (In the other file attached you will find example of Viable System Model) and we have to go through the steps of the system which are the following:1.System 1 : Operations: we have to identify the main three primary activities/ function that the organization operate.2.System 2: Co-ordination: harmonies resource allocation & Activities and how the work is coordinated.3.System 3: Control and Audit : Overview of entire Operation, optimization, synergy and ensures internal homeostasis.4.System 4: intelligence: Environmental scanning, planning, innovation5.System 5: overall Direction/ Policy: strategy/ policy, closure, ultimate / final. At the end of this question, we need to put recommendation or to develop the system to overcome this complex issue. d)Critique of the methodology you have applied in your chosen situation and suggestion of an alternative methodology that might complement the applied methodology.In this question, we have to critically discuss the Viable System Model (VSM) by identifying the advantages and disadvantages of using this system to resolve the problem and what is the alternative. e)Discuss how leaders should deal with the complex environment facing organizations.This question is different from the scope of the above questions and it can be separated. We have to critically discuss this question and support our writing with references. The critical discussion on this question should be around five of the following:-build (collectively) a good enough vision-let direction emerge-lead your team onto the edge of chaos-nurture generative relations and new sources of value-listen to the shadowy system-balance competition and co-operation-build an environment to create and learn together

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