Systems Concepts Custom Essay

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The learning outcomes assessed by this assignment are:
1. Fuse data from different, conflicting sources.
2.Develop models of human activity systems from root definitions.
3.Demonstrate logical dependency between activities.
4.Use models to stimulate thinking about organisational change
5.Assess the role of an information system developer in the process of change.

You are required to carry out a Soft Systems Analysis of the problem situation as presented in the attached Complete Solutions Case Study.
1. Draw a high level rich picture of the organisation as you see it.
2. From your rich picture select one primary task and one issue-based task and justify your choices
3. Define a relevant system for each of your tasks
4. Choose one relevant system, and formulate a CATWOE and a root definition for it
5. Define a client, problem owner, problem solver for your system and justify your choices.
6. Construct a conceptual model of your root definition.
7. Compare your model with the rich picture and suggest a number of clear differences between the two diagrams.
8. Make some suggestions for further action.
9. Submit a report that fully documents tasks 1-8 (you will only get marks for each section if they are included in your report).

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