Tablet Computer Recommendation Custom Essay

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Analyze at least three alternatives and compare them based on at least three selection criteria. The general purpose is to solve a problem. Analyze the situation by establishing criteria that your solution must meet. Evaluate alternative solutions by explaining how well each alternative meets (or doesn’t meet) each selection criteria. That is, you are measuring alternatives against the “yardstick,” the selection criteria.

Compare three or more tablet computers that you or your company may purchase. For example, compare the iPad2, Motorola Zoom, Samsung Galaxy, Dell Streak 7, ViewSonic ViewPad, Archos, or others you feel are in this classification. Your selection criteria could include:
• Cost
• Size
• Resolution
• Weight
• Operating system
• Any other criteria you deem to be important

In business, usually a primary consideration is cost. But develop at least two more selection criteria in addition to cost that will allow you to determine the best vendor.

Using the Internet, review information provided by at least three alternatives. Cite your sources.

Write a yardstick report to me or to your boss that explains your recommendation for the product or service. Include key points from your research. Support your recommendation with specific details. Explain the situation and background, if needed, and explain them in the introduction of your report.

A model is attached, it has only two alternatives single spaced and doesn’t have visuals

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