Tabletop Exercise (TTX)

Dear Writer, I hope to find an EXPERT writer who MUST have knowledge of Incident Command System (ICS) and FEMA courses, IN PARTICULAR IS 120a, IS 130, IS 139, ICS 300 and IS 775). Please remember that if you are not familiar and expert in these courses and field, then it doesn’t make sense to work I this order! I’m an international student who studies the program of Disaster Medicine and Management and this semester is the last one for me before graduation in August and one of the courses of this semester is the Exercises and Drills class and its description is as follows: This course will prepare students to develop and implement effective emergency disaster drills and tabletop exercises. It will also encompass the principles of mass casualty triage. The principles of adult learning and educational assessment are also covered. This course includes an intensive on-campus experience. Offered in Summer only. *Prerequisite: DMM611 *Prerequisite to on-campus week IS 300 – There will be a unique and hard week, Wk 9, which is On-Campus week to with tens of exercises and activities to apply what we have learned (we are now in Wk 2). NOW, please find the first attachment entitled “Announcements” to see that the staff divided us into three groups AND I’M IN GROUP 2 who will do the tabletop exercise (TTX), please see this attachment and check the scenario they sent for me and my group (group 2) about TTX tabletop exercise and do what is required for group 2, please but as the scenario mentions: Think in terms of an Incident Management Team, because group 1 will Think in terms of an EOC. Note 1: I will upload all the attachments mentioned at the top of the first attachment entitled (Announcement) to use them. Note 2: Pleas in addition to respond to what is required from my group (group 2), tell me also what I should do exactly if there is a seminar to discuss what we have to do for our tabletop exercise because as an international student, this is very difficult for me, in addition to the difficulty of the language itself as an international student, SO PLEASE HELP ME IN THIS LAST STEP BEFORE GRDAUATION. Note 3: please start with reading the first attachment entitled “Announcement” to get the big picture and remember that I’m in group 2 and remember that this a group work but I do need to send me a full response to build up a tabletop exercise and I will use it during on-campus week to help me discuss some of the ideas you will send with my group. Note 4: Another thing to do please is to send me in forms for points with little explanation of each about the ideas that I can discuss with my group when we try to build up a tabletop exercise and how I start with them and the possible ideas I can share with them. Note 5: the following is mentioned in the first attachment with this order entitled “Announcement”: – Each group should state in advance the objectives and core capabilities for its exercise. Each TTX should include standard HSEEP documents – MESL, situation manual, EEG etc. Depending on group size, it is often helpful to assign one such task to a specific group member. You will find it helpful if you break your TTX into immediate, continued and recovery modules. Doing so helps focus both the exercise facilitator and the players. SO, PLEASE CHECK HSEEP document and other documents that you should be familiar with and send me the objectives that we should start with. Note 6: I will make 3 pages to do this order because I don’t know if you need more, so please contact me as needed regarding this points. Note 7: I will put the number of references to be used with this order 1 because I think you will not need references since this should be done by me and my group according to the description in the attached entitled Announcement and the other attachments come with this order. Note 8: They mention to be creative, so please consider this point. Note 9: Contact me right away for any question or clarification. Waiting for you. Best regards!

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