Technical program designed to organize the Appointments of OB Clinic in K.A.U Hospital custom essay

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Research problem:`
Clinic of Obstetrics and Gynecology is one of the specialized clinics of the University Hospital in Jeddah to receive the largest possible number of community ladies for being a teaching hospital to provide a service of patient care at the clinic and to improve the quality of the clinic.
so the first part is to provide a appointments service that fit with the pregnant woman; but the researcher noticed that the dates given either late or is unconvinced to the period of a pregnant woman, therefore the subject of her research is to design a program that seeks to provide appointments in the clinic of obstetrics and gynecology at the university hospital that fit with the pregnant woman during this period.
Objective of the research:
1 – Design a program steps helps in designing authorized dates of the World Health Organization to take a complete set from the first visit for natural pregnancy (package).
2 – Design a program steps for radiation dates related to pregnancy.
3 – Design a electronic file program steps to file to monitor the health of the pregnant woman.
4 ? Making a network to link the program with hospitals program or clinics with the civil register.

The importance of research:
Specialist Importance :
1 ? To link clinics, hospitals with one program for follow-up dates of Normal pregnancy,thus know the health status of pregnant.
2 – To reduce pressure on hospitals, thus reducing the time , effort and cost.
3 ? To reduce the cost of the visit for the hospital.
4 ? To reduce the incidence of complications early in emergency situations.
5 ? To reduce the incidence of mortality for the mother and child.

Academic importance :
1 ? Developing the used program currently at King Abdul Aziz University Hospital.
2 – Future studies to make a complete electronic record of all disciplines.
3 – Future studies to link the public and private hospitals with one program.
4 – Future studies to design one program linking the electronic record to EBM.
Lack of acceptance of hospitals or clinics, to that electronic system in the organization of appointments.
The design of an electronic program for clinic of Obstetrics and Gynecology at University Hospital shall achieve the following:
1) visits in a timely manner.
2) reduce the sever wait in outpatient clinics.
3) Get Radiology Services in a timely manner.
4) achieve the world health organization standards in the provided services.

Population and the study sample:
? Population : Following up patients for clinic of Obstetrics and Gynecology at King Abdulaziz University hospital .
? The study sample: a group of pregnant women following up of obstetrics and gynecology clinic, King Abdulaziz University Hospital.
Methods of collecting data:
Will be prepared by the researcher using the method procedural and analytical descriptive.
The theoretical side: Based on studies and statistics are as follows:
Number of following up ladies to the clinic within 3 years; the number of pregnant women revisions to the clinic within 3 years; number of cases of death of the mother and child within 3 years; visit rate of pregnant women within 3 months.
The practical side: the observations and recommendation.
Observations made through oral interviews with a government hospital.
The limits of the study:
Objective limits: Designing a program dates for follow-up dates pregnancy ladies.
Spatial limits : Clinic of Obstetrics and Gynecology King Abdulaziz University hospital.
Human limits : Users of the program from doctors, nurses and reception employees; and applied to pregnant women to the clinic follow-ups.
Time limits: 1432 – 1433 AH.
Procedures :
1. Determining the effect of continuity of antenatal care on the outcomes of the perinatal period in pregnant Clinic University Hospital, King Abdul Aziz. (Statistics for the clinic three years ago, 2009-2010 – 2011).
2. Determining factors that affect the organization of the outcomes of the perinatal period. (Statistics from the files of the factors that have caused complications for the mother and the child to death , God forbid, three years ago, 2009-2010 – 2011).
3. Designing a computer program to an outpatient technique that enables to improve the outcomes of the perinatal period

PLEASE can u write the abstract and check the hypotheses and chapter one and the second chapter from Search Literature Review : The theoretical side and literature , booked and unbooked perinatal outcome ,antenatal care, factor for delay appointment , Solve the problems of delay in appointments , Designs programs . and data collection sheet
Design variable determine the peinstal out come

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