Technologies and the Legal Profession

NO WORD LIMIT 1. Can an electronic document satisfy the formal requirements of a signed writing? What documents must be on paper? Discuss the requirements and effect of Digital Signatures. 2. Does Florida have a statute that governs digital or electronic signatures? 3. What can be done to prevent fraudulent online purchases with a stolen credit card? 4. What types of contracts are covered by the statute of frauds? 5. Why would an online business want to include a forum selection clause? 6. What is the substantial nexus test? 7. When are sellers from an online auction site required to pay income tax? 8. What is the best approach for tax-related issues associated with on-line gambling winnings and income from virtual world transactions? ON-LINE DISCUSSION QUESTIONS 10. What are some examples of software that you have personally downloaded from the internet where you agreed to a license agreement by clicking “I agree”? Have you ever read the entire agreement? Should you be bound by the terms in the Agreement? Why or why not? 11. What are the arguments for and against state sales tax for on-line purchases? What do you think is the best approach? Defend your position.

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