Technology can be used to increase the supply of food in third world countries Academic Essay

b. A minimum of five full pages must be written in the third person and include a minimum of five different academic sourcesthat will need to be cited in your paper (only one of these can be a news source).Academic sources include books from academic publishers, articles from academic journals, or reports from respectedorganizations. Students are required to use ideas and data that are not common knowledge from at least six differentacademic sources.Academic sources do not include popular magazines, small town newspapers, or Wikepedia. Organization web sitesshould be carefully evaluated for credibility, bias, and vested interest before being selected as an appropriate source ofinformation. The same applies to commercial websites that may be used, but these may not be counted as part of theminimum six academic sources used and cited within the literature review.Sources will need to be cited in your paper and listed in the Works Cited page, so be sure to write down all the necessaryMLA information you will need for intextcitation and for the Works Cited page as you use these. Please note that studentsmay use quotations only for statistics or definitions. Everything else must be paraphrased (put in the students own words).Paraphrased information that is not common knowledge must have an intextcitation and be listed in the Works Cited page PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT

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