Technology Create a Website Academic Essay

Paper detailsCreate a website (using Dreamweaver) designed for the either the hotel or travel & tourism industry with the componentslisted below:\n1. at least five web pages\n2. at least one table that has been modified to reflect your personal choice ofalignment and color\n3. at least three examples of modified fonts\n4. at least three graphics that have been saved andmodified\n5. at least four hyperlinks that navigate within the webpage\n6. at least two hyperlinks that link to outside sitesand open in a new window\n7. proper navigation\n\nKeep in mind, your site should incorporate items that wouldappeal to the hotel or travel & tourism\npublic (ie., local hotels, night life, restaurants, sports & leisure activities,etc.)\n\nNote: If you don\t have Dreamweaver, you can download itfrom:.\n\n\n Incorporate an advanced script in your website.\nSamplescripts can be found at:\n\n\n\nUpload yourZIP files to Blackboard\n\n PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT

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