Terminator Set in Medieval Times

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Please follow the instruction. and you can pick topic from offhand suggestion, it is on the instruction sheet. remember to follow instruction.
Describe: A three page analysis of an Imaginary American film from the era 1950 – present. Give it a specific date. The film can be classic or quirk, conventional or iconoclastic dramatic/comic or documentary, animated or live-action, musical or mystery, action or romance short or long, feel good or controversial its completely upto you. The analysis will contain;

  • The year it was made must be a specific year
  • A simple very short recounting of its plot (If there is one)
  • Description of the way lighting, music, narration, acting, sound/other effects, camerawork or other techniques were used in it (Name actual staff people, actors, directors, writers if you like)
  • You can choose one or two of other techniques categoriesm not write about every one of them
  • An explanation of how the film reflected the time in which it was made
  • A summary of what the critics though of it and why.

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