Terrorism and Counterterrorism Custom Essay

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There are two Microsoft Word documents that will be uploaded: Terrorism and Counterterrorism and Midterm & Final Essay. The Terrorism and Counterterrorism document is a copy of the original eBook, so it will not look or read as if it were properly formatted. This will be your primary reference. The 2nd document, Midterm & Final Essay must have, at a minimum, one reference other than the primary textbook. Your submission must follow APA guidelines for style. The paper must include at least ten (10) citations from books, scholarly journals, and government documents and reports other than the primary textbook; i.e., (1) extra reference per question other than the primary textbook reference. Internet web-page citations do not count toward the ten. There are 10 essay questions. Each essay question must have its own page and each with (2) references (primary text, external reference). The essay must be submitted in (1) Microsoft Word document.

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