Terrorism in russia and the terrorist

The class is called Politics of terrorism.In this paper I am suppsed to examine a terrorist group and give an overview.I am in group “russia” and i’m supposed to talk about terrorism in russia and the terrorist group I chose is called:  It should be 1000-1500 words, not including tables and/or graphics. The paper can be looked at as an intelligence brief which should tell us everything we need to know about the group in question. Some things you may want to consider are: – When were they formed? – How did they form? – Why did they form? – What is their operational structure? 4 – Who are their leaders? – Who do they target? – Where do they operate? – What are their goals? – How successful have they been? ******** papers are to be formatted using the APSA (American Political Science Association) format – for everything, including citations and references.Websites do not count as sources, unless they are primary sources such as speeches, sources for statistics, etc. If you are using the internet for primary sources in your paper, you must include the url and you must identify the website so I can verify its veracity. *********

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