Tesla Motors Investors Relations Essay

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You are to search for the Tesla Motors web site, approach the section called “Investors relations” in order to obtain the financial information of the company over the past several years. Your deliverables for the first Module are to write a two page paper with the following: 1. Provide a brief description of the company, its main business and operational activities and a short synopsis of the main developments of the company over the past few years of the company. Include some financial information such as the stock price, its profitability, and other financial information you find relevant. 2. Explain why you chose this company 3. This is the main part of the assignment. Find out what you can about the company’s IPO. A. Provide a direct answer to all three assignment questions, focus only on these three questions. B. Reference all of your sources of information, both within the text as well as with a bibliography at the end. C. For question 3, you should apply your knowledge of IPOs from reading the background materials. Back Ground Materials: U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (n.d.), Initial Public Offerings, retrieved August 2009 at: http://www.sec.gov/answers/ipo.htm Kamlet, A., & Rini, W. (1995). Stocks: Initial Public Offerings, retrieved August 2009 at: http://invest-faq.com/cbc/stock-ipo.html Investopedia (2008) IPO Basics: Introduction, retrieved August 2009 at: http://www.investopedia.com/university/ipo/
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