Test Construction, Team Assignment-Community Health.

Scenario;Test Construction, Team Assignment. You are a faculty member involved with teaching baccalaureate-level nursing students. You need to develop a multiple-choice exam for a community health course that you will be teaching. For this assignment you will use selected chapters from your text from Community Health (Stanhope & Lancaster, 8th ed,). The chapter is linked here: Team D: Chapter 38, Violence and Human Abuse pp. 828- 853 As a team, address all components listed below: 1. Test Blueprint (Test Grid) (30% of grade) Using the chapter objectives, develop test questions and a test blueprint (test grid) for your test based on the example in Oermann & Gaberson, p. 60. Note: In this example, they only use four of the six levels of Blooms taxonomy. Please use all six levels in your plan (knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation). Use the content you developed in the test blueprint for the test. A. Include questions that cover all 6 levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy B. Tie questions to chapter objectives C. Tie questions to chapter content 2. Test (30% of grade) A. Develop a cover sheet that provides clear directions for the test. Be sure to include specific grading criteria. B. Questions follow the Test Blueprint (Test Grid), are clearly written, and correctly address the taxonomy level. Note: Each student must develop one multiple choice test question for each taxonomy level (Blooms). Remember to list these on the test blueprint. C. Provide the rationale for each questions correct answer and reasons why the distracters (wrong answers) are incorrect. Include relevant research that supports the correct answer. Include page number in text book for correct answer (Graded in Integration of evidence and theory section of the grading rubric). D. Using your initials, label the questions you develop and be sure to provide the taxonomy level you assigned to each question. 3. 3. Reliability and Validity (20% of grade) A. Discuss how the test will be scored/graded to ensure fairness. B. Based on current professional literature, discuss how validity of this test will be established. C. Based on current professional literature, discuss how reliability of this test will be established. Be sure to include how you will evaluate item difficulty, item discrimination, and distracter effectiveness. Be sure to provide at least two (2) references from nursing and at least two (2) references from disciplines other than nursing Graded in Integration of evidence and theory section of the grading rubric). 4. Integration of Evidence and Theory (10% of grade) 5. Organization, Presentation Style, Grammar, Usage, Mechanics, and Formatting (10% of grade) Page suggestions: The cover sheet, and validity and reliability sections should be confined to total of 3 pages. The test questions are confined to 6 questions per student (one at each level of Bloom’s Taxonomy). The Scoring Rubric used for this assignment is provided for your convenience.

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