The #1 Culprit in Obesity Essay

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The #1 Culprit in Obesity Make the text of you theme at least 600 words, not counting your Works cited page. Use the relevant essay in Norton chapter nine (9) as one of your sources. For the works cited page entry for this source, use bullet 10 on page 382 of Writer’s Reference or entry 7 on page 443 of Norton. In your works cited entry, use the name of the author of the essay as the author. Also, in your works cited entry, use the names on the cover of Norton in the part of the formula that calls for naming the editors, but leave off the Ed. since they in the overall sense authored Norton. Choose two other quality sources from anywhere. Choose the appropriate MLA formulas for these for your works cited page. Quote each source at least once in your paper using a parentheses type citation. You may cite sources more than once, and other citations do not necessarily have to be parentheses type citations. Do not overcrowd sources in your paper in a way that takes you out of your prose style and management of the flow of the paper. Avoid quotes of more than one to three lines in your paper (1-3 lines). Long quotations do not enhance a short theme. Just to clarify theme #2, you do not have to argue the position of the Norton essay you use as a source, and you do not need to make your citation from it a point that you support. Feel free to take the general theme you choose obesity and fashion your own argument. Remember that you can use a source to support and illustrate a point that you make, or you can use a source in order to make a counter point against it. To summarize, you’re not locked into the viewpoint of the Norton source, and your citation from it can be to disagree or agree.

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