The country notebook a guide for developing a marketing plan custom essay

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The work is about export red rice from sari lank to Singapore, This is the link for the company that we
are going to import the red rice from

3. Market audit and competitive market analysis
Of the guidelines presented, this is the most product- or brand-specific. Information in the other guidelines is general in nature, focusing on product categories, whereas data in this guideline are brand specific and are used to determine competitive market conditions and market potential. Two different components of the planning process are reflected in this guideline. Information in the two preceding guidelines 1 and 2, Cultural analysis and Economic analysis, serve as the basis for an evaluation of the product or brand in a specific country market. Information in this guideline provides an estimate of market potential and an evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of competitive marketing efforts. The data generated in this step are used to determine the extent of adaptation of the company’s marketing mix necessary for successful market entry and to develop the final step, the action plan. The detailed information needed to complete this guideline is not necessarily available without conducting a thorough marketing research investigation. Thus another purpose of this part of the country notebook is to identify the correct questions to ask in a formal market study.

You need to follow this guideline and write about each point separately. I mean make a heading for each point .
First you need to write about

1- Consumer buying habits in Singapore
a. Product-use patterns
b. Product feature preferences ?? red or white
c. Shopping habits ??? consumer behavior

Compare and contrast your product (the red rice )and the competition’s product(s) you can write for example about 2 competitors of red rice and one white rice if u can find statistic and figures that’s good please read the Economic Analysis i will uploade it to u because u gann relate it to this part

1. Competitor’s product(s)
a. Brand name
b. Features
c. Package
2. Competitor’s prices
3. Competitor’s promotion and advertising

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