The Developing Manager

What need to do: Learning outcome 3 a,b Learning outcome 4 a,b Please reed carefully scenario. For LO3 a,b please write about Christmas party in my college. You can also add a bit of information from yourself to looks stronger. For LO3a – use Vroom Theory or Maslow Theory. Write about Managerial roles. My goal about Christmas Party – to get distinction from the lecture. Write any improvements for Christmas Party. For LO4 a,b – write about Tesco United Kingdom (NOT US) In each paragraphs you must write references. Excellent Formatting: Preferred writing styles Arial, Verdana, and Times New Roman Line spacing 1.5, Font Size 12 Consistency in Heading Scheme, bullets and numbering Consistency in top, bottom and left, right margins Alphabetical Harvard referencing and bibliography Report Structure Cover Title Page Contents page. Acknowledgement (optional) Abstract/Executive Summary Main Body (Tasks) Conclusion. References (including weblioreferencing) Bibliography (including webliography) Appendices

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