The Economy, Politics, Shopping Custom Essay

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This essay will count 300 points of your final grade and must adhere to the following guidelines:
1) It must be at least 400-600 words.
2) The essay must be written in third person. First person essays will be penalized.
3) It must have a well developed introduction and conclusion.
4) It must have a clearly defined thesis and at least three supporting points. At the top of the essay, please write out the thesis and the points. A portion of your grade will be based on this outline and how complete it is.
5) It must be in your own words and must not use outside sources, statistics or quotes. Any case of plagiarism, even unintended, will result in a grade of “0” and automatic failure of the class.
6) It must demonstrate proficiency in grammar, mechanics, punctuation and overall structure. The essay must be developed on any aspect of one of the following general topics; however the thesis must be very specific: Something which you believe is either overrated or underrated. Education The economy Politics Shopping

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