The Final Report custom essay

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I will send you a pdf on yor page which contains all information about this report. it is a completion to the Literature review. it is a report describing the proposed research which contains three key parts:
1. a substantial review of relevant literature (done by you)
2. the proposed research methodology
3. a research plan
These are also some extra information, it can be found in the pdf:
The research methodology and method address the research framework and the ways in which the
research will be conducted.
The research plan will address how the available time will be managed in order to tackle the research
problem and arrive at a satisfactory solution. The research proposal will be examined by at least one
academic, who will determine your mark.
The introduction to the report will outline the explicit aims and goals of the research to be undertaken.
The report must conform to the attached style guide and, excluding references and appendices, must not
exceed 30 pages in length.

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