The Flury residential building by Swiss practice Spaceshop Architekten Custom Essay

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Discussing how the selection of materials according to the attributes of being renewable, recyclable and locally sourced can contribute to a better design solution. Case Study: The Flury residential building by Swiss practice Spaceshop Architekten.

Typical five part structure
• Introduction: introduce the topic and define the question you are addressing.
• Background/theory/method: provide a context, or conceptual framework, for your discussion, including a review of relevant literature
• Case study/examples/findings: bring in your own material, focussing on something specific – like a building that serves as an example of what your topic is about
• Discussion: discuss (compare, contrast, analyse) your case study or examples in relation to the theories/ideas/methods you have already addressed
Conclusion: draw the threads of your argument together, relating your findings to a wider context – to bigger issues and back to the topic of your essay.

Argument – Making a case
– Putting forward your point of view – Presenting evidence that backs up your position – Showing how the facts and opinions support your interpretation

Answering four questions
– Introduction: why did we start? • What is your motivation? What is your topic? This is about defining the question.

– Background/theory/method: what did we do?
• Does the essay challenge assumptions? Does it interpret the situation? Does it investigate the problems? Does it analyse the data? How does it do this – by comparing alternatives? By exploring case studies? This is about your „method‟.

– Case study/examples/findings: What did we find?
• What are the constituent parts of your discoveries? Explain the results – present the evidence and locate it in relation to its context. This is about describing the case study, or the experiment, or the results of your survey.

– Discussion: what does it mean?
Compare, contrast, and criticise the caser study or the issues it raises in the light of your conceptual framework. Identify key issues, trends, similarities and differences. Discuss implications.
– Pictures insert relevant pictures, relating to the topic and case study

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