The Food Industry’s Business and Technology Custom Essay

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• Background:
The whole food industry from farming and food production, packaging and distribution, to retail and catering is involved in technology and business. Therefore, it is important to cover all sides of food production and sales. The Food industry is considered to be one of the very important areas in industry. It uses all the business strategies, and the manufacturing technology combined; it uses day to day technology and chemical sciences, in order to develop its production and improve its business in the market.
Food system is the word that is used to describe the food industry according to The Economic Research Service of the USDA. In general the food system is a complex network of farmers and the industries that link to them. Those links include makers of farm equipment and chemicals as well as firms that provide services to agribusinesses, such as providers of transportation and financial services. The system also includes the food marketing industries that link farms to consumers and which include food and fiber processors, wholesalers, retailers, and foodservice establishments.
It have been calculated that the processed food sales worldwide are approximately US$3.2 trillion. Nevertheless, In the U.S., consumers spend approximately US$1 trillion annually on food, or in other words 10% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Furthermore, over 16.5 million people are employed in the food industry in U.S., and In the United Kingdom, the food industry is widespread. It employs over half a million people and has anincome exceeds £70bn. It is the largest manufacturing sector in the UK and represents around 15% of the total manufacturing sector in the UK.

Around 13% of the people working in manufacturing in the UK work in the food and drink industry.

• Research objectives:
1. Find the advantages and draw backs of food industry and avoid it if possible.
2. Find the characteristics that affects the business and prices of the food industry.
3. How food business can affect the society.
4. The cause and effects of the problems associated with the food industry.

• Method:
The secondary search: I will use the data available in library webpage, and books from the library. In the primary search I will go out and gather

information by interviewing, and questionnaires.

• Timescale:

 (October): discuss and search General topics about food industry
 (November-December): Secondary search: search for the details of the topics
 (January-February): Primary search: interview and get out getting our own information.

• Resources:
The resources of my search paper will be manly web based resources, to search for the general topics and ideas, books can be useful and reliable source of information. There are also the direct resources I will gather information from; like get in the site and interviewing people and companies.

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