“The Future of Financial Benchmarks.”

Read “The Future of Financial Benchmarks.” Benchmarking has been a human concern for a long time. According to a legend, benchmarking has been important in business since Henry I dictated cloth be sold by the yard; that is, a standard for the length from the tip of a man’s nose to the tip of his thumb. Global business continues to rely on benchmarking. But what of the mandates set forth by the G20 countries? From the article, read and discuss the future of benchmarking. For example, how will the Iosco Principles affect benchmarks used today: will these principles eliminate current-use benchmarks? Should benchmarking be eliminated? Post your view in the discussion, using one additional source and include a paraphrase or direct quotation, with an in-text citation from the source. To ensure your participation meets the expectations, refer to the G.R.E.A.T. Discussion and Feedback guidelines provided in the Resources. A well-developed post, one that would be considered “distinguished,” will usually be between 250 and 350 words

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