“The Global Footprint Network”

review each post minimum of 100 words each Apa format do them separate 1. Everyone leaves an ecological footprint on this Earth. This week I took a quiz from “The Global Footprint Network” to find out just how big of a “footprint” my household leaves. I was very surprised by the outcome. Before I discuss my results, though, I want you to know that my family and I contribute in the fight of helping Mother Earth. We recycle paper, cardboard, glass and plastics everyday. We have all energy efficient appliances in our home. We only use daylight, LED light bulbs, which save on energy and last 10 times longer. When we brush our teeth or do the dishes, we don’t leave the water running. Even though I knew we aren’t vegan’s and don’t buy all  materials I thought we would have scored higher. After a few questions about how big our home is, how much we recycle, how much meat we consume and how we travel on a daily basis, the results basically said that it would take 4.5 planet Earth’s to provide enough resources if everyone lived the way my family and I do. That’s crazy! No, not crazy, horrible and ! I can only imagine what the results would say if a person did nothing to help mother Earth on a daily basis! The majority of our daily ecological use comes from the meat we eat and the energy needed to supply our home. We will be doing things soon to help this footprint. Right now a good portion of our home energy comes from our pool. We have recently set a timer to have the pool pump only run a few hours a day, which will lower our cost and our impact, energy wise. Now that it’s summer We will also be adding weather stripping to all of our windows and external doors, to ensure there is no air leaking out. Our electric company also offers tools to help look at how much energy you use and how you can improve your energy use.   referencesGlobal Footprint

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