The growth of microfinance and social safety nets, BRAC, Grameen, Proshikha Academic Essay

Chapter 4: Data Analysis & Findings Requirements: Use SPSS for Correlations, Regressions analysis, and send me Excel Files as evidence) Take data from World Bank or Eikon Reuters, Questionnaires filled answers required as evidence for supervisor. For survey only Survey Monkey is recommended from university Topic: The growth of microfinance and social safety nets, BRAC, Grameen, Proshikha Remember 5 variables; women empowerment, poverty reduction, health improvisation, better education and growth in asset at national level. Start with an introduction of this chapter (70 words) What is the purpose of this chapter? Why is this chapter important for your study? What will you cover in your chapter? Describe the characteristics of your data (e.g. panel data; time series data, etc) their sources, (Eikon Reuters) and justify their relevance with the aim and objectives of your study. (300 words) Describe the adequacy, validity and reliability of your data. Why do you think that these data are appropriate for your study? (200 words) Select and describe the technique you will utilise to analyse your data (e.g. regression analysis, time series analysis, etc) and your argument to support the selection. Make sure you understand the difference between research methods and data analysis techniques (300 words) Conduct the actual data analysis using your selected technique(s) and Software (R, SPSS, @Risk, etc). Produce graphs, tables etc. and most important describe and interpret their meanings. In the data analysis and drawing findings you must try to use and refer your literature review as much as possible. (1200 words) Revisit the research aim, objectives and research hypothesis or questions and justify with sufficient arguments how your findings support them. (500 words) Revisit the Gap in literature you identified in Chapter 2 (Literature Review) and justify how your findings addressed the Gap. (400 words) Draw a conclusion of this chapter (70 words) What you have actually aimed at the beginning of this chapter and what you have really got? How you will process with this Conclusion in the next chapter? PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT

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