The growth of technology and digital media has contributed to the changing landscape of how companies advertise.

1) Identify a Multi-National Corporation (MNC)2) Describehow the growth of digital communication has influenced its advertising strategies. USE A STRONG CASE STUDY3) Companies have the responsibility to provide full product disclosure. What are the three potential ethical problems that can occur when using new media advertising?ELABORATE ON THE PROBLEMS AND PROVIDE A VIABLE SOLUTION (THE SOLUTION?.KEEP IT SHORT. ELABORATE MORE ON THE ETHICAL PROBLEMS)USE A STRONG CASE STUDYYour selected case study should demonstrate clearly your understanding and impact of such advertising strategies.The influence of Digital Communication on Advertising StrategiesDO USE A STRONG CASE STUDY TO ILLUSTRATE THE ABOVES(100 marks)VIEW THE FULL PAPERHAVE YOUR PAPER DONE BY PROFESSIONALS

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