The Impact of Leverage on Firm Valuation and Performance Essay

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I would like to be also provided with the excel spreadsheet that was used to collect all historic data for the sampling and the statistical testing.
Specifically, to compare historic data from UK to assess relationship between leverage and EPS, ROE etc over a period of 5 years

The paper is a dissertation for an MBA degree. The deadline is the end of February 2012.

The paper needs to develop a hypothesis with regards to the relationship between financial leverage and financial
performance. There is an extensive literature within corporate finance dealing with the question whether capital
structure affects financial performance and the value of firms, with many conflicting views and findings.

To achieve this, he paper should develop a testing methodology. Ideally I would like to review over a period of 5 years
the relationship between leverage (debt / equity) to that of financial performance measures such as ROE, Return on total
assets, net profit margin or EPS, of a representative sample of FTSE 100 firms or the DOW30 firms.

We need to determine whether the results are statistically significant over the period and the implications for firms.
Also, it is important to assess whether results vary when we compare the pre-crisis period (2006-2008) with the
post-crisis period.

Overall, the dissertation should begin with an introduction (1,000 words), development of a hypothesis (1,500 words),
review of the relevant theory (3,000 words), sampling methodology (2,000 words), analysis of results (6,000), conclusion
(1,500) .

References should be based on the Harvard method and I would also need the excel spreadsheet and workings that were used
in the testing.

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