The Importance of Stakeholders

Respond to Andrew’s(my colleague) posting below of another potential stakeholder and the added value the stakeholder could bring. Andrew’s post is below. Discussion: The Importance of Stakeholders Stakeholders support human services organizations in a variety of ways. They may provide donations, time, or services to the organization. Any individual or group that has an interest in the well-being of the human services organization can be a stakeholder. Whatever the form, stakeholder support can be a valuable asset to human services organizations. Stakeholders can be influential in assisting an organization to meet goals and carry out organizational missions. As you prepare for this Discussion, think about a human services organization in your community. How are the stakeholders valuable to the organization, and in what ways do stakeholders influence the organization? THIS IS ANDREWS POST PLEASE IDENTIFY ANOTHER POTENTIAL STAKEHOLDER AND THE ADDED VALUE THE STAKEHOLDER COULD BRING. RE: Discussion – Week 5 Description of ActionAid Nigeria ActionAid is a global movement with a branch in Nigeria laboring to enhance human rights and get people overcome poverty. According to them, they give priority to the people that are forgotten by others. Examples of such people are poverty stricken, those faced with discrimination, etc. The organization listed six areas they focus primarily on which comprises of right to just and democratic, right to health, womens rights, right to education; right to human security in conflict and emergencies, governance and right to food (Actionaid, N.d.) Two potential stakeholders related to ActionAid Nigeria Knowhow Nonprofit (2010) defines stakeholder as a group, person, or organization that has an interest in your organization. Charities and other nonprofits have diverse stakeholder groups, often with conflicting needs and expectations, so focusing and prioritizing on the voices that must be heard is vital. A simpler definition of stakeholder is a person or group with interest, involvement or investment in something. By those definitions, Coalitions of Poor and Excluded people is one of the two potential stakeholders related to the organization. The second one is National Alliance Against Hunger and Malnutrition and Persons with Disability. The first stakeholder is supported by ActionAid to help carry out some of their missions in reaching persons in poor and excluded communities. Their Nigeria website states that the organization has reached no fewer than 141, 091 persons comprising of 52,733 men and boys and 88,358 women and girls in 197 communities and 39 Local Government Areas in twelve States(Actionaid, N.d.). The National Alliance Against Hunger and Malnutrition and Persons with Disability have worked with ActionAids to help people living with HIV/AIDS. One of their focus is on helping stigmatized people like in the case of Hassana. It was reported that Hassana got married in July of 2009 at the age of 26. When she got married and enrolled for antenatal care, she was tested HIV and was found to be HIV positive. They helped her through life. Same way, they have encountered many others and has helped them(Actionaid, N.d.) Value and influence of these stakeholders on the organizations success. Stakeholders play key role in setting up priorities and objectives of the organization. All stakeholders are involved in the development of projects and not just direct beneficiaries of an initiative. The characteristics of stakeholder help in attributing roles and responsibilities to different stakeholders so that the implementation is successful (Salamon, 2015).

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